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Computing and Information Resources

The JINR Central Information and Computer Complex (CICC) created at LIT, is an intensively developing structure. It is part of the Russian Grid-infrastructure. Now it comprises an interactive cluster and a farm of common access, large capacity mass memory devices on RAID disk arrays. The JINR CICC is used for the tasks of simulation and analysis of information in particle physics, nuclear physics and condensed matter physics.

In the LIT works are actively conducted on the information and software support of the JINR research and development activity that includes development and support of basic WWW/FTP servers and retrieval systems; creation and storage of electronic documents of scientific and administrative content; development of conference, workshop, and symposia sites; development and maintenance of general and special purpose program libraries; development and support of systems of analytical calculations and graphics packages; creation of a unified information space for provision of the research and development activity of the Institute; provision of access to the on line archives of JINR and its Member States, as well as to the global electronic information resources.

The LIT studies in the field of computational mathematics and computational physics for solving specific tasks arising in experimental and theoretical research conducted at JINR are aimed at mathematical description and algorithmic reformulation of the physical models, development of methods and algorithms able to extract physically insightful information from experimental data, simulation of physical processes within experimental installations, algorithm implementation into efficient and reliable hardware adapted programs. The development of mathematical methods and tools of modeling physical processes and experimental data analysis, numerical algorithms for modeling magnetic systems and transportation of charged particle beams, as well as elaboration of software for experimental data processing, creation of numerical algorithms and software for simulation of complex physical systems and the development of algorithms and software of computer algebra are under way at LIT.

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