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    The Laboratory of Information Technologies (LIT) (till 2000 the Laboratory of Computing Techniques and Automation) was founded in August 1966 by a decision of the 20th Session of the JINR Scientific Council, joining together the Computing Center of the Institute, departments and groups of automation and processing of experimental data of the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems and the Laboratory of High Energies.

Michael Grigorjevich Mescheryakov, a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and a known physicist experimentalist who supervised, in the late 40s, the creation at Dubna of the synchrocyclotron and of the first scientific laboratory, now the JINR Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, was charged with the organization of the LCTA.

Since the inception of LCTA, its deputy director was Nikolay Nikolaevich Govorun, a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, who became the main promoter of the application and development of computers in the scientific research done in JINR. In 1988 N.N.Govorun was at the head of LCTA Director.

The beginning of LCTA is also related to the name of the well-known mathematician, Prof. Evgeniy Petrovich Zhidkov, who went into LCTA together with the LTP computer center he headed. E.P. Zhidkov is one of the founders of the JINR Mathematical School.

In 1990-2000 Professor Rudolf Pose (Germany) was at the head of the Laboratory.

In 2000, Professor I. V. Puzynin was elected first LIT Director.

Since 2003, Professor V.V. Ivanov, a physicist and a recognized expert in the field of information and network technologies and experimental nuclear physics who knows perfectly well physical experiment techniques and advanced methods of data processing and analysis, was headed the Laboratory.

In February 2013 the JINR Scientific Council elected V. V. Korenkov as Director of the Laboratory of Information Technologies for a term of five years. His research interests: networking, information and Grid technologies, distributed computing, parallel computations and database applications.

At present 322 employees work in the scientific departments of LIT (2016). Among them are 7 professors, 25 doctors of science, 66 candidates of science.

The LIT performs joint research work with scientists and specialists from the JINR-Member States and other countries. A number of scientific and technical projects elaborated at LIT has got support of INTAS, the European Community Commission in the framework of the Russia-EU cooperation, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, as well as the Program of the City of Science of Dubna.

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